First in-person meeting of the #Webimmunization project team members

On 27-29 October, the #Webimmunization project team gathered for the first time in-person, which was previously not possible due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to summarize the first year of the project’s operation and plan its next stages.

During the three days of meetings and discussions, the primary focus was put on the analysis of the results of the research carried out so far, in order to brainstorm on the various possibilities on how the collected data could be used.

The team discussed also its current needs and planned future scientific activities, like new publications and participation in conferences. There was also time to look at the project communication plan and remind the specific aspects of the Open Access policy on publications and research data.

An additional learning from this meeting was, that while regular online meetings are essential to ensure project continuity, the real-life interactions are necessary because of multidisciplinary character of the project. In-person meetings are very important to build a mutual understanding, and cannot be easily replaced by online calls or teleconferences.